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Sistema aberto de hidroterapia de cólon ao vivo

» Sistema aberto de hidroterapia de cólon ao vivo

    • Specifications

    Welcome to the revolutionary world of colon health, where MAIKONG’s Colonic Irrigation Machine Angel redefines wellness. This comprehensive guide delves into how this innovative machine is changing the landscape of colon hydrotherapy.

    The Importance of Colon Health

    Understanding the critical role of colon health is essential. A healthy colon contributes to overall well-being, and the Colonic Irrigation Machine Angel by MAIKONG makes achieving this easier than ever.


    Unveiling the Colonic Irrigation Machine Angel

    A New Era in Colon Hydrotherapy: The Colonic Irrigation Machine Angel represents a leap forward in colon cleansing technology, combining ease of use with unparalleled efficiency.


    Features and Benefits

    • Innovative Design: User-friendly and efficient, catering to both professional and personal use.
    • Advanced Technology: State-of-the-art features for a safe, comfortable, and effective experience.

    Technical Specifications

    Product Specifications

    Feature Specification
    Water Filtration System Multi-stage, high-efficiency filtration
    Temperature Control Adjustable settings for comfort
    Safety Mechanisms Automated safety checks and balances

    Operational Parameters

    Parameter Detail
    User Interface Intuitive controls, easy to navigate
    Maintenance Requirements Minimal upkeep, easy to clean
    Durability Built for longevity and consistent use

    Packaging and Accessories

    Package Contents

    Component Description
    Main Unit Colonic Irrigation Machine Angel
    Tubing and Nozzles Hygienic, single-use for optimal safety

    Additional Details

    Detail Specification
    Packaging Dimensions 60cm x 40cm x 30cm (approx.)
    Weight 20kg (approx.)
    Payment Options Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer

    The Colonic Irrigation Machine Angel by MAIKONG isn’t just a product; it’s a holistic solution for enhanced colon health. Its blend of innovation, efficiency, and user-friendliness makes it an indispensable tool for health enthusiasts.

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    1. What sets the Colonic Irrigation Machine Angel apart from other machines? Its advanced technology and user-friendly design make it uniquely efficient and safe.
    2. How easy is it to use the machine at home? Designed with simplicity in mind, it is perfect for both professional and home use.
    3. Are the tubing and nozzles reusable? For hygiene, they are single-use and easily replaceable.
    4. What safety features does the machine have? It includes automated checks and balances to ensure a safe operation.
    5. How often does the machine require maintenance? It is designed for minimal upkeep, needing only regular cleaning.
    6. Can I purchase the machine for commercial use? Yes, it’s suitable for both personal and professional settings.
    7. How can I become a distributor of MAIKONG products? Contact us for distributorship opportunities and detailed information.
    Monkon Colon hydrotherapy device Supplies specialises in distributing colon hydrotherapy device(irrigação colonial) disposables and related products. We are located in HK, CN. We have been involved in the colon hydrotherapy device(irrigação colonial) setor desde 2002. Monkon Colon hydrotherapy device Supplies is an approved supplier for RICTAT - the International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Hydrotherapists and Trainers.

    Delivery of your order

    Standard customers are normally shipped within seven days, in the case of OEM customers more time is needed. Most of our products are bulky and are therefore shipped door to door by sea + courier. We offer a range of shipping services, please see here for details.

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