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    A Brief History


    Colon hydrotherapy is a therapy that has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used enemas to help detox the body, and it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as well. The modern form of colon hydrotherapy, however, was developed in the United States in the early 20th century and has since gained popularity all around the world.


    How it Works


    Libbe colon hydrotherapy is a modern, gentle, and effective way to cleanse the colon and improve digestion. It involves the use of a special device that pumps warm, purified water into the colon through a small tube. The water flushes out waste and toxins that have built up in the intestines and colon over time. The patient is lying on a comfortable table, and the procedure is performed by a certified therapist.

    Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie

    The Selling Points


    1. Deep Cleansing: Libbe colon hydrotherapy is a non-invasive and natural way to deeply cleanse the colon and remove toxins, debris, and waste material that may have accumulated over time.

    2. Verbesserte Verdauung: The improved digestion leads to improved nutrient absorption and a healthier gut microbiome. It can also provide relief for people with chronic constipation, Durchfall, and other digestive disorders.

    3. Enhanced Immunity: Regular colon cleansing can boost the immune system by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, and toxins from the body, reducing the risk of infections and illnesses.



    The Procedure


    The procedure usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour. The therapist will go over the patient’s medical history and symptoms before the treatment. The patient is lying on a comfortable table, and a small tube is gently inserted into the rectum. Warm, purified water is then pumped into the colon, filling it up and flushing out waste material. The therapist may use massage techniques to help loosen and eliminate stubborn debris.

    Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie Live-Colon-Hydrotherapie

    Who Needs It?


    1. People with Chronic Constipation: Colon hydrotherapy can relieve chronic constipation, which is a common problem among adults.

    2. Individuals with Digestive Issues: People with digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis can benefit from colon hydrotherapy.

    3. Entgiftung: Individuals who are looking for a natural way to detoxify their body can benefit from colon hydrotherapy.

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    1. Health and Wellness Centers: Colon hydrotherapy is mostly offered in health and wellness centers that specialize in integrative medicine, naturopathy, and alternative therapies.

    2. Spas and Retreats: Spas and retreats offer colon hydrotherapy as a part of their detox programs and wellness packages.

    3. Medical Clinics: Some medical clinics offer colon hydrotherapy as a complementary therapy to traditional medicine.

    If you are interested in trying out the Libbe colon hydrotherapy or have any questions regarding the procedure, please get in touch with us through email, Whatsapp, or leave us a message.



    Monkon Colon-Hydrotherapie-Gerätezubehör ist auf den Vertrieb von Colon-Hydrotherapie-Geräten spezialisiert(Darmspülung) Einwegartikel und verwandte Produkte. Wir sind in Hongkong ansässig, CN. Wir waren am Gerät für die Colon-Hydro-Therapie beteiligt(Darmspülung) Branche seitdem 2002. Monkon Colon Hydrotherapy Device Supplies ist ein zugelassener Lieferant für RICTAT - die International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Hydrotherapists and Trainers.

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