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Disposable filter for monkon conlonic machines

Filtros, Sobressalentes, Acessórios
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Disposable filter

Disposable filter for monkon conlonic machinescomplete set

This new filter is a single universal filter designed for use with colon hydrotherapy equipment.

It can also be retrofitted to our other non-portable devices, such as the monkon conlonic machines.

As a guide, this filter should be changed every six months or 25o treatments, whichever is sooner.

The filter comes with a 1m filter tube, which you can also purchase separately here.

You can purchase a replacement cartridge for this filter here.

Filter features:

This filter removes:

Chlorine taste and odor reduction Particulate matter Class I (nominal 1 micron rating)
Cyst reduction
Lead reduction
Scale control

High water flow rate of 1 gpm (3.7 lpm)
Quick and easy cartridge replacement
Use of patented shut-off valve manifold prevents dripping when changing cartridges
Consistent water quality throughout the life of the filter
Highest safety satisfaction with all wetted materials
Made of food-grade materials
High capacity (10,000 liters)
Filter life: 12 months
Flow rate: 1 gpm (3.7L) at 60 psi
Operating pressure: 30 to 100 psi (2.1 to 7 kg/cm2)
Temperature: 4.4 to 38.5 degrees Celsius
PH range: 5 to 10, hardness: less than 300 ppm evaporative residue: less than 500 ppm
Function: Chemical/mechanical reduction
Inlet/Outlet Size: 3/8″ Disposable Filter for Legato IIFull Set

Disposable filter

Monkon Colon hydrotherapy device Supplies specialises in distributing colon hydrotherapy device(irrigação colonial) disposables and related products. We are located in HK, CN. We have been involved in the colon hydrotherapy device(irrigação colonial) setor desde 2002. Monkon Colon hydrotherapy device Supplies is an approved supplier for RICTAT - the International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Hydrotherapists and Trainers.

Delivery of your order

Standard customers are normally shipped within seven days, in the case of OEM customers more time is needed. Most of our products are bulky and are therefore shipped door to door by sea + courier. We offer a range of shipping services, please see here for details.

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