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    Industrije, ki uporabljajo rabljene stroje za debelo črevo

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    The amazing benefits of intestinal hydrotherapy:

    ❖ Improve constipation, acne, bloating, diarrhoea

    ❖ Improve headache, insomnia, bad breath and fox odour

    ❖ Improve high uric acid

    ❖ Improve physical abdominal obesity

    ❖ Improve blood triglycerides and poor peripheral blood circulation.

    ❖ Improve dark spots and skin roughness

    ❖ Strengthen liver and kidney functions

    Avoid improper medication and blind health care.

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    Medical Spa colonic irrigation Machine Colon Hydrotherapy machine

    When the weakly alkaline water that has been purified enters the intestinal tract, the weak alkaline reacts with the acidic substance to balance the acid and alkali of the human body, changes the living environment of the harmful bacteria, excreting toxins, and softening under water immersion. And with the water out of the body

    The Features of Natural Therapy Colon Hydrotherapy Machine:

    1. S predalom in omarico
    2. Dependable and safe operation
    3. Completely closed system
    4. Built in disinfecting system
    5. Regulator tlaka vode
    6. Water Lines with connections
    7. Pressure and temperature controlled with safety features
    8. Accurate, adjustable temperature control and shut down valve

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    The History of Used Colonic Machines

    Used colonic machines, also known as colon hydrotherapy or colonics, have been used for centuries in different cultures for cleansing the colon and promoting overall health. Vendar, the modern colonic machine was developed in the 1920s by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who used it to treat his patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan.

    The Working Principle of Used Colonic Machines

    A colonic machine uses a gentle flow of warm water to flush out waste and toxins from the colon. The water is introduced through a tube inserted into the rectum, and waste is expelled through another tube. The process is done in a private, comfortable setting by a trained therapist.

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    The Advantages of Used Colonic Machines

    1. Improved digestion and regularity

    2. Increased energy and mental clarity

    3. Reduced bloating and gas

    4. Better immune function

    5. Clearer skin and improved complexion

    6. Reduced risk of colon cancer

    7. Promotes weight loss and healthy lifestyle

    8. Alleviates symptoms of IBS, constipation, and other bowel conditions

    9. Relieves stress and promotes relaxation.

    The Steps involved in Using Used Colonic Machines

    1. Book an appointment with a trained therapist

    2. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid eating heavy meals beforehand

    3. Discuss any medical conditions or concerns with the therapist

    4. Sign a consent form and complete a health questionnaire

    5. Relax on a comfortable table while the therapist gently introduces warm water into the colon

    6. Expel waste through another tube in a private, hygienic setting.

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    Who Needs Used Colonic Machines?

    Anyone can benefit from a colonic, but it is especially helpful for those experiencing any of the following:

    1. Chronic constipation or irregular bowel movements

    2. Digestive problems such as gas and bloating

    3. Skin problems such as acne or eczema

    4. Frequent headaches or migraines

    5. Low energy or a weakened immune system

    6. Concerns about colon health or cancer screening.

    Industrije, ki uporabljajo rabljene stroje za debelo črevo

    1. Wellness and Spa Centers

    2. Health and Fitness Centers

    3. Naturopathic and Holistic Clinics

    4. Medical and Integrative Clinics

    5. Colon Hydrotherapy Clinics

    6. Beauty and Aesthetics Centers

    7. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinics.

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    FAQs About Colon Cleansing: Everything You Need to Know

    1. How much weight will you lose with super colon cleanse?

    Super colon cleanse is not intended for weight loss. It is designed to help improve bowel function and support the body’s natural detoxification process. Vendar, some people may experience weight loss as a result of the removal of waste and toxins from the body.

    2. What does hydrocolonic mean?

    Hydrocolonic is a term used to describe a type of colon hydrotherapy that uses water and herbal infusions to cleanse the colon.

    3. How can I clean out my bowels fast?

    There are several ways to cleanse your bowels, including drinking plenty of water, increasing your fiber intake, and using natural supplements like psyllium husk or magnesium citrate. Vendar, it’s important to talk to your doctor before starting any new cleansing regimen.

    4. How much is colonic hydrotherapy?

    The cost of colonic hydrotherapy can vary depending on where you live and the facility you go to. On average, a single session can cost between $75 and $150.

    5. What do colon cleansers do?

    Colon cleansers are designed to help improve bowel function and support the body’s natural detoxification process. They may contain natural ingredients like psyllium husk, probiotics, and herbs that are believed to help remove waste and toxins from the colon.

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    6. What are colon cleanses good for?

    Colon cleanses are believed to have several potential health benefits, vključno z izboljšano prebavo, increased energy levels, and better overall health. Vendar, more research is needed to confirm these benefits.

    7. What does colon hydrotherapy do?

    Colon hydrotherapy is a type of cleansing that involves the gentle infusion of warm water into the colon to help remove waste and toxins. It is designed to improve bowel function and support the body’s natural detoxification process.

    8. What is a natural colon cleanse?

    A natural colon cleanse is a cleansing regimen that uses natural ingredients like fiber, probiotics, and herbs to help remove waste and toxins from the colon. It may also involve dietary changes and lifestyle modifications.

    9.How to Cleanse Colon and Stomach

    1. How can I clean my bowels?

    You can clean your bowels by drinking plenty of water, consuming fiber-rich foods, and avoiding processed and junk foods. You can also try colon hydrotherapy, in which warm water is used to flush out the colon.

    2. How to do a gut cleanse at home?

    You can do a gut cleanse at home by following a healthy diet that is rich in fiber and nutrients. You can also try drinking herbal teas and taking probiotics to improve gut health.

    3. How to naturally clean your gut?

    You can naturally clean your gut by consuming foods that are rich in fiber and antioxidants such as fruits, zelenjava, whole grains, and nuts. You can also try drinking green tea and taking supplements like turmeric and ginger.

    4. What to eat after a colonic hydrotherapy?

    After a colonic hydrotherapy, it is recommended to eat light and easily digestible foods such as soups, broths, and steamed vegetables. Avoid processed foods and heavy meals for the rest of the day.

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo

    5. What to drink to cleanse colon?

    You can drink plenty of water, herbal teas, and fresh juices to cleanse your colon. You can also try adding apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or ginger to your drinks for added benefits.

    How to Improve Gut Health

    6. How to cleanse your gut health?

    To improve gut health, you can consume fiber-rich foods, drink plenty of water, and avoid processed and sugary foods. You can also take probiotics and prebiotics to promote the growth of good gut bacteria.

    7. How can I flush my colon?

    You can flush your colon by doing a colon cleanse or colon hydrotherapy. You can also try consuming foods that are rich in fiber and drinking plenty of water to promote regular bowel movements.

    10. Ready to Try Colon Hydrotherapy?

    If you’re interested in trying colon hydrotherapy, our company is a professional colon hydrotherapy machine manufacturer. Our products are available for global delivery, and we are always looking for local distributors and resellers. Contact us via email at or WhatsApp at +86135.1090.74.01 to learn more.

    Rabljeni stroji za debelo črevo


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